Industrial Wood Fired Heaters

With one of our industrial wood fired heaters you could enjoy considerable savings in energy use when compared to traditional oil, gas or electric powered heating systems, and you’ll be able to use your own waste wood products and save even further on disposal costs.

With a range of options that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, our wood fired heaters can be manually or automatically fed for operator-free use.

The installation of an industrial wood fired heater can have a dramatic impact on your energy consumption - with many users seeing a return on investment in as little as twelve months.

Built to last, our heaters employ an efficient burn method to ensure maximum heat from your waste wood products, providing years of hassle-free operation and low maintenance requirements.

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Ask us about this product

Ask us about this product

Standard Features

- Fast Hydraulic- Profile Rotor.- Second Row of Knives- Control cabinet with          Siemens PLC- Automatic stop when hopper empty.- Removable exhausting    channel- Performance enhancing    pacing of hydraulic sliders

Fired Heaters To Maintain A Steady Temperature

Designed to be used all year round, our industrial wood-fired heaters include summer and winter gate's and thermostatic controls so you can maintain a steady temperature - plus ducting can be added with ease to distribute heat where you need it. Switch to a wood fired heater from Wood Waste Control and we’re confident you’ll wonder why you hadn’t installed one before - you’ll be amazed at the cost benefits when you burn your own joinery waste and offcuts, plus our heaters are exempt from the Clean Air Act so you can run a wood fired heater without the need for costly filters and the red tape associated with other types of heating appliance.

As well as the impressive performance and cost-saving benefits of choosing one of our industrial wood-fired heaters, you could be burning one of the few remaining sustainable fuel sources, enabling you to operate a more environmentally responsible workplace.

Wood Waste Control WWH - 5 Wood fired heater


Wood Waste Control WWH - 15 Wood fired heater

WOOD WASTE CONTROL automatic heaters

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