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Wood Waste control WWH - 15 Wood fired heater

The WWH15 is the largest of the hand fired units and is one of the most popular heaters in the Wood Working Industry.

Benefits from – Robust design, low servicing costs and high heat output.

Fully Compliant with all the latest emissions regulations the WWH15.

Reducing skip costs and heating bills the payback on this heater can be as little as 12 months!

How much will it burn?

About 1000 – 2000kg per week depending on fuel. (25 – 50kg per hour)

What fuels does it burn?

MDF – Chipboard – Hardwood – Softwood  

Cleanly and legally without a costly afterburner.


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Ask us about this product

Ask us about this product

Standard Features

- Fast Hydraulic- Profile Rotor.- Second Row of Knives- Control cabinet with          Siemens PLC- Automatic stop when hopper empty.- Removable exhausting    channel- Performance enhancing    pacing of hydraulic sliders

wwh 5 - technical details


  • Heat output:          146Kw / hour – 500,000 BTU / Hour

  • Air Volume:           10240 m3/hr

  • Weight:                  1700 kg

  • Power                   Three Phase - Neutral 20amp