Dust Extraction Accessories

Accessories for Dust Extraction Units

Bulk Bags

Bulk BagsBulk Bag

One Tonne Bulk Bags 900mm x 900mm x 1200mm

Bulk Bags are an ideal solution for taking waste to local refuse centers, great for storage, great for bulky products. Easy to store as these bags are fully collapsible.


  • 900mm x 900mm x 1200mm
  • 1000kg
  • SWL / 5:1 SF
  • Open Top With Flat Base
  • 4 x 30cm Lifting Loops

Disposable Spray Booth Paper

Disposable Spray Booth Paper

Disposable Spray Booth Paper

Manufactured by Binks

  • Outlasts other filters three to five times
  • Manufactured from 100% Recycled Paper
  • Stapled and glued construction for extra strength and longer life
  • Bright White Face - Improves spray booth lighting conditions
  • High Loading Capacity - Longer working life - Low pressure drop
  • Expansion Strapping Ensures Optimum Performance
  • Concertina Design Reduces, Storage and Transport Costs
  • Self supporting high grade paper
  • Reducers your running cost "less energy, filter changes and disposal costs".
SIZE = 900mm x 9240mm

Extraction Filters

Extraction Filters

FX 220x2430 Dust Extraction Filter Sock

Dust Extraction Filters 220mm Diameter x 2430mm Long

A duct extraction filter sock that is 220mm diameter and 2430mm long with a double spring cuff one end and a cap-end with an 8mm hole the other. The double spring cuff pops into the tray at the bottom of your Extraction Unit and the capend is attached to a filter rack in the roof of your extraction unit.

These size filters are used in our own Extraction Units.

  • Needlefelt Filter Bags including polyester, aramid, P84 and PPS
  • Material comply's with FDA and EU regulations
  • Micro-denier fabrics for the filtration of fine particles
  • 7 to 10 Working Days Delivery (Made to order)

Heavy Duty Poly Bags

Heavy Duty Poly Bags

Heavy Duty Printed Dust Extraction Bags

Heavy Duty Printed Polyurethane Dust Extraction Bags

Super strength Polybags, laid flat they measure 760mm Wide and 1270mm Long. They will suit a 500mm Diameter Spigot.
  • Thickness 700 Gauge Micron, 150mu
  • Packed in boxes of 25's
  • A locking band is required to hold the bag in place.
  • Available Printed with our company logo or Non Printed