WFB Modular filter Unit

The system's modular design offers flexibility for future expansion, enabling easy extension.
Waste can be collected in bins, polythene bags, or large bulk bags.

Wood Waste Control has streamlined the WFB design and construction, reducing the unit's footprint while maintaining filtration capacity. Moreover, the system allows for recirculating clean air back into the workspace, leading to energy cost savings.

The WFB extraction unit is certified in compliance with the latest ATEX European Directive for explosive dust.
- Auto Cleaning as Standard
- Antistatic Filter Bags as Standard
- Metal Bins with Bag Inserts
- Reduced Noise Options
- Different range of fan possibilites
- Extra Wide, Extra Tall or Both!
  • Compact Design, can be installed as a central system or deployed at point of dust generation.
  • Versatility, different configuarations available to suit a variety of applications
  • Easy to assemble, galvanised steel construction. 
  • A.T.E.X Explosion Relief Panel.
  • Can be sited internally or externally
Typical Applications
  • Wood Working Industries
  • Grinding, Buffing & Sanding Applications 
  • Plastic & Composite Manufactures 
  • Food & Pharmaceutical powders.
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