Dust & Fume Extraction Systems

FD 1 Single bin fine dust unit



FD 1

  • ATEX Panel
  • Automatic Filter Bag Cleaning
  • Control Panel Included
  • Totally Cladded Body


  • Internal or External Roof
  • Collection bins or bags
  • Silencing Kit


  • 1 to 3 Weeks Lead time
  • Two Shipping options.  Build up or in 2x Halfs

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Ask us about this product

Ask us about this product

Key Features

Small & Compact Filter Unit

Duty from 500 to 2,000 m3/hr.

6mm Mild Steel, Dynamically Balanced & efficient impeller.

Start/Stop & Auto Clean Controller.

Low Noise Levels 

FD 1 - IN detail

Introducing Wood Waste Control's smallest extractor specifically designed to extract fine dust or fumes.  Because of its space saving size, the FD 1 is ideal to be positioned local to the source of the contamination.

Two motor options are available 1.5kW or 2.2kW 3 phase depending on the extraction needed. 

The FD 1 can be tailored to suit individual requirements, such has an internal or external roof, collection bins or collection bags, silencing kit and optional A.T.E.X explosion relief panel.

The FD 1 unit is ideal for Sanders, spindles, routers and small CNC wood working machines.


Typical Applications:

  • Wood Working Industries

  • Timber Industries

  • Furniture production & plant waste management

  • Bulk materials manufacture

Please note: We do not recommend you use these for use with high levels of fine dust or MDF type products. 

FD 1 - Dimension


FD 1 - 2 T

FD 1 - 2 TH

FD 2 - 3 T

FD 2 - 3 TH


1.5kW - 430v - 50hz  3ph

1.5kW - 430v - 50hz  3ph

2.2kW - 430v - 50hz  3ph

2.2kW - 430v - 50hz  3ph







2950mm L x 700mm W x 2500mm H

2950mm L x 700mm W x 2500mm H

2950mm L x 700mm W x 2500mm H

2950mm L x 700mm W x 2500mm H

T = Tubular Filters

TH = Tubular Filters Extra High

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FB 4 - Dimensions