Dust & Fume Extraction Systems

FB 3  Three bag Extraction Unit

Wood Waste Control heavy duty three bag dust and chip extractor.

This FB 3 unit has been primary designed for extracting larger shavings and medium sized chips.

With a 250mm Inlet that can be facing up or down to suit requirements.  

Due to the high power and effiency of the motor our extractors are fitted with baffles to help balance the waste collected in the polythene collection bags at the bottom of the unit.

This unit is ideal for furnture manufacters, joinery and all other wood working companies.

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Ask us about this product

Ask us about this product

Key Features

Robust and Powerful.

Duty from 4,250 to 5,500 m3/hr.

6mm Mild Steel, Dynamically Balanced & efficient impeller.

Complete D.O.L Start/Stop Controller.

Low Noise Levels 

FB 2 - IN detail

The FB 3 comes fully equipped with three cloth bags at the top to act as the filter and power comes from either a 4kW or 5.5kW motor.  

Can be used at source of contaimination or deployed as a central extraction serving several machines.

The machine is supplied with a pack of 25 waste bags - 500mm dia x 1250mm long, filter bags and D.O.L Start / Stop controller.

We do not recommend the use of these types of units when using very fine dust, even with fine dust filter cartridges attached.   This is due to the high risk of explosions that could potentially happen.  These type of units have no safe panels or cladding to protect the users.   We recommend our FD type of filter for fine dust.1

Typical Applications:

  • Wood Working Industries

  • Timber Industries

  • Furniture production & plant waste management

  • Bulk materials manufacture

Please note: We do not recommend you use these for use with high levels of fine dust or MDF type products. 

FB 3 - Dimension


FB 3 - 5.5

FB 3 - 7.5


4kW - 430v - 50hz  3ph

5.5kW - 430v - 50hz  3ph





2950mm L x 600mm W x 2500mm H

2950mm L x 600mm W x 2500mm H

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FB 3 - Dimensions